Message From Our CEO

For every person who works at Provider Health Services, our mission is very clear. We exist for the sole purpose of revolutionizing how quality healthcare is delivered to seniors. To be sure, it's not an easy task given today's challenging healthcare environment, but one that we are passionate about achieving.

To do this, we understand that we must foresee change and use it to our advantage. We believe that taking a different perspective, a different approach, is the key to that success. So we continue to invest in the most innovative technology, to foster positive collaborative relationships with families, physicians, and corporate partners, and to encourage a culture that fosters the continuous development of our people. Our culture emphasizes care, coupled with a deep sense of responsibility for seniors and the long-term care facilities with whom we partner. Overall, we strive to create something of lasting value for all of society.

This is our purpose, and your confidence in our ability to help improve the delivery of quality care for seniors is the greatest possible validation of our value to the community today and, we hope, for generations to come.

 Nicole Howard


Everyone at Provider Health Services (PHS) shares the common vision of our mission to improve the well-being and quality of life for seniors and their providers. How do we do this? The answer is found in the uniquely fundamental nature of how we operate called the PHS Foundation of Care.

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